About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting BlueCherub.com.

This site is an online dating site that was created with a few principles in mind, that we believe make for a better experience and provide better results in finding that perfect match.

  1. Membership is 100% free to all members.
  2. Advertisements should be minimal and unobtrusive. Obviously we need to make money somehow, but that shouldn't get in the way of your experience on our site.
  3. Messaging other members is always 100% free.
  4. Messaging is only allowed between members who have mutually matched with each other (You both say Yes).
  5. Members can only be mutually matched with 1 other member at a time.
  6. Members cannot view other members while they are mutually matched with someone.
  7. While mutually matched, either member can change their interest in their match to No at any time. This will end their mutual match, ending their ability to message each other on the site, and open them both to other potential mutual matches.

Mutual Match

We came up with our Mutual Match system as a way to free users from distraction and help assure they are giving each other the focus they deserve. And to promote members to give more thought to saying Yes or No to someone.

How it works is like this. After signing up and completing your profile, you will be placed in the matching pool. Inside the matching pool, our advanced algorithms will work to find you the best possible matches we can based on your profile and interests.

We will present prospective matches to you one at a time, giving you the best match first. You will be able to view your matches profile, including any pics they have uploaded. Their profile will also display match setting buttons Yes and No, giving you the option to match with them or not.

If you like your match and would like to communicate with them, then you will click Yes to them.

If you don't like your match and have no interest in them, then you will click No to them.

If you click Yes to your match, and they also have clicked Yes to you, then you both will become a Mutual Match with each other. At this point you will have a chat window when viewing their profile.

Mutual Match chatting allows for exchanging text messages using the chat box, as well as posting photos that will only be viewable to your Mutual Match.

While you are Mutually Matched, if you decide you are no longer interested in your Mutual Match then you can change your match option to No, and this will terminate the Mutual Match, and end communications. Chat history and pictures will be unavailable for either member to view.


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